It is Still Snowing at Mont Sainte Anne in Quebec

I just finished up three days of packed powder skiing at Mont Sainte Anne in Quebec, Canada.  Cold weather is forecast through the weekend and with the snow on the slopes and the excellent grooming look for continued great skiing and riding.

We had a great time skiing the steeps La S, La Super S and Le Crete. OUTSTANDING.  These are major leg burners.

There will be plenty of corduroy to take advantage of in the blues and greens.  There are groomers all over the place for skiers and riders of all abilities.

First Impressions of skiing in Canada

Based in my rough and not statistically based sample it appears that there are fewer snowboarders in Canada, at least at Mount St. Anne in Quebec.  It appears that there are about 25-30 percent fewer than I am used to in the Northeastern United States.

The second thing I noticed is what I call the Canadian Style.  Canadians by in large ski much more like racers than those in the Northeastern US resorts.  They carve their turns much more, getting lower which each turn and getting “on edge”. See this video:

Nice people though.  Don’t let the language barrier, or the perceived language barrier, intimidate you.

Storm on the way!!!

See that pink stuff. A big chunk is hovering over Gore Mountain where I plan on being on Tuesday. POWDA DAY!!!
Storm on the Way
Storm on the Way