A Reminder of Home at the Fairmont Tremblant

Do you miss your pooch when you’re away on vacation? Mt.Tremblant’s Fairmont Hotel has the solution. Their Canine Ambassador, Umi, is there to greet you, make you feel at home and even accompany you on walks through the pedestrian village.

Umi is a large, friendly black lab who hangs out in the hotel lobby during the day welcoming guests as they check in or pass through the lobby. He makes  himself available to all for cuddling and petting. Umi was originally in training with the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. But during his time there it was observed that on busy roads he was fearful of heavy traffic. He was so friendly and playful it was obvious that he was better suited to the role of Canine Ambassador. And so he arrived at the Fairmont Tremblant.

Umi relaxingThe Pedestrian Village

In addition to lying in his bed between the registration and concierge desks looking cute and observing the passing scene or patrolling the lobby greeting folks, Umi is available to go for a walk through Tremblant’s pedestrian village with hotel guests. The charm of the pedestrian village, with its shops, restaurants and cafes, is surely enhanced by walking it with a canine companion who is ready and willing to spark the start of a conversation with any passerby. He’s quite busy, so an appointment is necessary. He has a weekly schedule which allows for down time as well as regular interaction with hotel guests.

Umi's schedule

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