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December 21, 2009

Alta Badia, Italy and Val d'Isere France
World Cup Results

This past weekend completed yet another venue for both the men and women in the 2009-2010 World Cup season.

World Champion Lindsey Vonn (Vail, CO) got her 25th World Cup victory Friday in the Super Combined, as she aced both the downhill and slalom portions for the Audi FIS World Cup win. Her downhill run was called blistering by some. It is the third time this season that she has stood atop the podium.

To see Lindsey's slalom run leg of the Super Combined see:


Low visibility canceled the Women's Downhill at Val d'Isere. It was a disappointment for Lindsey after she led the pack during training. The FIS may reschedule the race at a different time and place.

Alpine racer Jimmy Cochran, from a family of four other Olympians, showed his strength in slalom as he placed within the top ten finishers.

Current standings for the top US Alpine Racers are:
Lindsey Vonn at 1st place with 581 points
Ted Ligety at 6th place with 317 points
Bode Miller at 14th place with 200 points

This past weekend's World Cup results are as follows:

OFFICIAL RESULTS 2010 AUDI FIS WORLD CUP-Val d'Isere, France - Dec. 18, 2009-Women's Super Combined--

1st Lindsey Vonn, Vail, CO, 2:37.55
2nd Maria Riesch, Germany, 2:38.71
3rd Elisabeth Goergl, Austria, 2:38.94
4th Anja Paerson, Sweden, 2:39. 64
4th Michaela Kirchgasser, Austria, 2:39.64

19th Leanne Smith, North Conway, NH, 2:43.20
22nd Kaylin Richardson, Edina, MN, 2:43.88
27th Stacey Cook, Mammoth Mountain, CA, 2:44.99
DNS2: Chelsea Marshall, Pittsfield, VT
DNF1: Keely Kelleher, Big Sky, MT; Julia Mancuso, Olympic Valley, CA

OFFICIAL RESULTS-2010 AUDI FIS WORLD CUP-Val d'Isere, France - Dec. 20, 2009-Women's Super G

1st Fraenzi Aufdenblatten, Switzerland, 1:26.43
2nd Nadia Styger, Switzerland, 1:26.66
3rd Lindsey Vonn, Vail, CO, 1:26.69
4th Fabienne Suter, Switzerland, 1:27.33
5th Nadia Fanchini, Italy, 1:27.45

15th Julia Mancuso, Olympic Valley, CA, 1:27.96
22nd Alice McKennis, Glenwood Springs, CO, 1:28.46
38th Chelsea Marshall, Pittsfield, VT, 1:29.38

DNF: Stacey Cook, Mammoth Mountain, CA; Keely Kelleher, Big Sky, MT; Leanne Smith, North Conway, NH

OFFICIAL RESULTS 2010 AUDI FIS ALPINE WORLD CUP Val Gardena, Italy – Dec. 19, 2009 Men's Downhill

1st Manuel Osborne-Paradis, Canada, 2:01.27
2nd Mario Scheiber, Austria, 2:01.40
3rd Tie. Ambrosi Hoffmann, Switzerland, 2:01:52
3rd Tie. Johan Clarey, France, 2:01.52
5th Michael Walchhofer, Austria, 2:01.75

9th Bode Miller, Franconia, NH, 2:02.04
12th Marco Sullivan, Squaw Valley, CA, 2:02.16
18th Steven Nyman, Sundance, UT, 2:02.55
19th Erik Fisher, Middleton, ID, 2:02.67
23rd Scott Macartney, Crystal Mountain, WA, 2:02.67
24th. Andrew Weibrecht, Lake Placid, NY, 2:03.10
49th. Jeremy Transue, Hunter, NY, 2:05.30

OFFICIAL RESULTS-2010 AUDI FIS ALPINE WORLD CUP-Alta Badia, Italy – Dec. 20, 2009-Men's Giant Slalom

1st Massimiliano Blardone, Italy, 2:35.76-
2nd Davide Simoncelli, Italy, 2:39.19-
3rd Cyprien Richard, France, 2:37.39-
4th Benjamin Raich, Austria, 2:37.46-
5th Manfred Moelgg, Italy, 2:37.72-

7. Ted Ligety, Park City, UT, 2:37.77-
24th Tommy Ford, Bend, OR, 2:40.79-
DNQ - Bode Miller, Franconia, NH-DNF - Jake Zamansky, Aspen, CO-DQ - Tim Jitloff, Reno, NV


Alta Badia, Italy – Dec. 21, 2009 Men's Slalom

1st Reinfried Herbst, Austria, 1:49.31
2nd Silvan Zurbriggen, Switzerland, 1:49.39
3rd Manfred Pranger, Austria, 1:49.48
4th Manfred Moelgg, Italy, 1:49.81
5th Michael Janyk, Canada, 1:49.98

9. Jimmy Cochran, Keene, NH, 1:51.01
39. Ted Ligety, Park City, UT, 56.56

DNF1: David Chodunsky, Crested Butte, CO; Paul McDonald, Bellevue, WA; Tim Jitloff, Reno, NV

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