Anticipating the Winter Games

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By: Richard Butler
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November 1, 2009
Photos courtesy of VANOC/COVAN

I raise the foot lever, lean back, prop a pillow behind my head and dream that I am the fastest ski racer, the highest aerialist, a mogul master, the best in the half-pipe and the quickest on ice. Oh, if I could live my life over and be an Olympian!

No football, baseball or basketball for me. I'll admit, I'm not a spectator. Well that's almost true. Occasionally I watch car racing, the Gators (University of Florida is my Alma Mater), and maybe a little golf when I don't want some announcer screaming at me. I make exceptions for winter sports, however, especially the winter Olympics.

My free time is consumed by them, in between household work and business. At breakfast, lunch and dinner, the TV set is on in the kitchen. And there is the large screen HD TV next to my lazyboy in the living room. Yes, also in the bedroom, it's on at the foot of the bed.

The anticipation is building, though the 2010 Winter Olympics are 3-1/2 months away. I'm ready to set aside my worries and be truly entertained. This competition keeps me more than interested for all of its seventeen days every four years. I don't interrupt my routine for much, except for this. From February 12th to February 28th, myself and wintersports fans around the globe will watch the greatest athletes of our time competing for the fastest time, the most spectacular jump, or the most complicated series of twists, flips and turns, all on ice or snow and in the air.

Colliseum, Downtown Vancouver


Colliseum, Downtown Vancouver  

The coming winter games will take place in the most splendid of settings; the culturally diverse city of Vancouver British Columbia and the surrounding majestic mountains. Venues will be presented at one of four main locations; Vancouver itself, Whistler Village, the city of Richmond (20 minutes south of downtown Vancouver), and Cypress Mountain (in West Vancouver).

I'm convinced it will be a great show, planned over the course of many years.

These seventeen days will showcase British Columbia. We'll see forests, white covered mountains, the Pacific Ocean, beaches, all in close proximity to the action. We'll see people from all countries waving flags, swapping pins, enjoying great night life and of course watching the competition and cheering for their home country. All in an atmosphere of friendly competition. We need more of this.


Colliseum, Downtown Vancouver
  Cypress Mountain

Yes, the Olympics have many critics. I am not one of them. Where else can you escape the worst news of the day; the bad economy, wars, politics, sex, and violence?

The Olympics showcase the best capabilities of man. Humans can do great things, under the most complex of circumstances. No, I won't complain of the cost, the extravagance, or too many ads. But, I will complement the cameramen, the writers of the human-interest stories, the sponsors, the volunteers, and of course the reason for it all: the most dedicated athletes.

Become a fan. The following websites are worth a look:

And the following short video will really get you psyched.

Check in with us again and learn more about the athletes and the 2010 Winter Olympics in February.

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